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After the longest year of all time, we’ve finally made it to the 2020 holiday season. Just like last year, to help you get into the festive spirit, we’re recommending some more games to play! So, here are 5 MORE Festive Games to play this holiday season.

Hitman 2 – Holiday Hoarders

When you think festive games I don’t imagine Hitman comes to mind. That being said, their festive themed level Holiday Hoarders ticks all the boxes. I mean, who doesn’t want to carry out covert assassinations dressed at Santa Claus? This bonus mission in the game sees you as Agent 47 heading to Paris to eliminate two targets during a fancy Christmas show. Everything about this level is super Christmassy, from the decorations to the Christmas jingles in the background. And all the while, you’re working hard to eliminate the two targets. Honestly, what’s not to love!

source: RejmanGaming YouTube

Stardew Valley

It’s probably no surprise to see Stardew Valley on another list as it’s unabashedly one of my all time favorite games. As this game operates on a calendar, there is yearly a festive day called, The Feast of the Winter Star. This Christmas inspired holiday falls on the 25th of Winter and involves you getting given a random villager to give a gift to. During the day of the festival, the town center is transformed into a sweet Christmas themed display, complete with a Christmas tree. You also have a chance to give your gift and have a random villager give you something in return. It’s a sweet Christmas inspired event and let’s be honest, just an excuse to encourage you to go play more Stardew.

source: Eurogamer

Saints Row IV- How the Saints Saved Christmas

This is another game that doesn’t exactly scream ‘festive’ upon first glance. But this extra mission pack for Saint Row IV wonderfully combines a festive story and the humor/madness that is commonly associated with the Saints Row series. This DLC pack features 4 new missions and 2 of them all revolving around Christmas. It is the perfect blend of absurd and awesome. It will certainly get you into the Christmas Spirit, all the while crying with laughter at how ridiculous it is.

source: Gameranx

Elf Bowling

OK so this is the obscure pick of the bunch, but hear me out. This game is just all kinds of silly, but also pretty fun. It is an old school flash style game that apparently started off as a chain email game. The concept is Santa’s elves have gone on strike… so Santa has decided to strike back by making them be pins at his own personal bowling alley. Yeah look, it’s pretty ridiculous and I do sort of feel bad for the elves. But overall, it’s a very silly, simple bowling game with a festive theme (as long as you don’t mind harming a few fictional elves in the process). The hardest part might just be finding a place to download this game as it is a bit old.

source: The Rarest Gamer YouTube

Borderlands 2 – How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day

This is the second game on this list that comes from a DLC pack. This is the third of the Headhunter DLC packs for Borderlands 2, and has a distinctly Christmas theme to it. It accessed by fast traveling to Marcus’s Mercenary Shop, which begins the quest line. The story sees you helping Marcus to find a missing shipment of guns, all the while being attacked by some violent snowmen. Just like in both Saints Row and Hitman, this is just a great combination of the wackiness of the game itself, and a Christmas theme. It is rather short, however well worth it for a bit of run and gun Borderlands fun, mixed with a jolly Christmas theme.

source: Ramza11 YouTube

So, there were 5 MORE Festive Games to play this year!

It was a little harder to find 5 new games this time around, but I hope these can get you into the Holiday spirit. Whatever you may celebrate, happy holidays from the Thermaltake Australia Blog team!

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