Upgrades for your setup you don’t need, but you’re gonna buy anyway

Sometimes it’s tempting to grab upgrades for your setup you don’t really need. I mean, when your power supply dies it’s important to replace it. But buying a 2 thousand dollar GPU to play Fortnite doesn’t quite fall into the same category. (Let’s be honest, it does sound way cooler though.) So, here are 5 Upgrades for your setup you don’t need, but you’re gonna buy anyway.


Most people really don’t need a 4K monitor. Especially if the PC you’re running can’t even handle games at super low settings, or all you do is play vanilla Minecraft. A 4K monitor can really enhance your gaming experience as well as help you out with tasks like editing photos or videos. Only thing is, like I mentioned, if you haven’t got the hardware, or play the games that show it off, it isn’t going to make a huge difference. But then again, the knowledge that you can tell all your friends you can watch YouTube at 4K is justifiably reason enough to fork out the cash.

Upgrades for your setup
I have no idea whether this is actually a 4K monitor, it was just in the image library and I couldn’t remember. Feel free to let me know in the comments.


Considering many people still don’t even know what RAM is, does, or stands for, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone told me these same people thought RGB made RAM go faster. I imagine they are also the people who think an AIO needs to be filled up with coolant before using it. (For reference, you don’t need to fill it up. It’s a closed loop. It comes with the coolant in it OK, just trust me. Opening it up to try and fill it is just the worst thing you could possibly do.) RGB will not make anything go faster or perform better – but damn does it look good! So, while no you don’t need RGB… you’ll probably get RGB.

Upgrades for your setup
To be fair, our ToughRAM is actually really good and gorgeous too! It’s well worth giving a go if you haven’t already.

Dual Monitors

Can’t justify a 4K monitor? Well, how about 2 of them! Or even just some standard 1080p monitors…and then get TWO of them?! Just become the Oprah of monitors – you get a monitor, and you get a monitor! Honestly, once you go dual monitors you just can’t go back. The ability to play a game on one screen and watch a video on another is just too much power to give up willingly. So, while it’s not always a deal breaker situation, dual monitors at least are entirely worth it in my opinion.

Upgrades for your setup
This was actually an image I found for the monitor stand, but you know point still stands about the dual monitors. Imagine how cool you’ll look with these bad boys!

A super high-end GPU or CPU

If you raced out to grab one of the new NVIDIA graphics cards or latest AMD CPU’s, you are certainly not alone. On top of that though, you were also not alone in the fact that you probably didn’t need them. Let’s be real, most of you are still probably playing Warzone and let’s be honest, Warzone kind of looks bad (don’t deny it it’ll only embarrass us both). What I’m saying is, I doubt the Average Joe is getting all much out of that 3090 they stayed up till 2am to buy. But also to that I say, why the hell not get one! Bragging rights is a totally valid reason to lay down a grand on something, and I will fight for your right to do so.

Upgrades for your setup
I’ve used this image so many times, I may as well just start using it as part of my email signature too.

A super expensive ‘Racer’ Gaming Chair

If you’re anything like me you threw down a fortune to buy a gaming chair and you sit on it with your legs crossed anyway like you did sitting on the floor in primary school. This, of course, entirely invalidates the point of getting a gaming chair which is supposed to be for its ergonomics (at least, that’s what we all tell ourselves). But looking like some hardcore streamer with fifteen sponsorships and stacks of cash, is entirely worth the back pain you’ll eventually realize you’ve given yourself from sitting incorrectly on it for hours.

Yes, this chair is indeed as comfy as it looks. Pity I still sit on it wrong though.

Well, there were 5 Upgrades for your setup you don’t really need, but you’re gonna buy anyway.

Yeah, so look, this post kind of went in an interesting direction. But let’s be honest it’s all just in fun and we all had a good time I hope!

If you want a more serious post about idea for upgrades for your setup, check it out HERE. Or jump over to our YouTube channel to see even more (slightly more serious) content from us.


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