5 Steps you should take before you build your PC

Preparing to build a PC isn’t just a parts list. I mean, yes, a parts list is certainly part of it, but there are some other steps worth taking before you get into the build. So, if you’re a first timer, or had build troubles in the past and want some strategies to prevent them happening again, this post is for you!  Here are 5 Steps you should take before you build your PC.

1. Get a good screwdriver

I cannot stress enough how much easier building is with a good quality screwdriver. Getting rid of that old cheap screwdriver and replacing it with something more specifically designed for building can save you a lot of time, and help avoid hand and wrist strain too. A ratcheting screwdriver can do exactly that for you, and even makes a cool sound when doing so. Bonus points if the screwdriver is also magnetic, as this can decrease your chances of the dreaded, “a stray screw falling into the void that is your chassis” situation.

source: STANLEY Tools

2. Get a magnetic screw tray

Just as getting a magnetic screwdriver helps you avoid losing screws, this can too! There is nothing worse than panicking after the screw you need has disappeared. Even worse when you realize it’s already tumbled onto the floor and rolled away somewhere. A great solution is a magnetic screw tray, which is often quite affordable and easy to find. Not only does this ensure your screws don’t disappear on you, but it’s also super easy to separate them too. Ensuring certain screws stay together makes it all that much easier when midway through a build and saves a lot of time, so it’s well worth the investment.

source: AliExpress

3. Gather a LOT of cable ties!

If you think to yourself, “Yeah I have enough cable ties” you probably don’t have enough cable ties. These little guys come in clutch during the building process, turning cable management from an unruly, terrifying task, to a simple and easy one. Getting a good variety of cable ties is good too. Sometimes, cables are good to zip tie together as you know you won’t be changing things out for a while, but if you are planning to upgrade something soon, sticking with a twist or Velcro tie might be the way to go. So, grab a lot and grab a variety too!

source: Amazon

4. Clear your building space

If your desk is currently just filled with junk, then building on it in its current state is not the best idea. Ensure you have a good desk or table space that is free from clutter and other items that can take up unnecessary space. Also, ensuring you are working somewhere that won’t be used in a hours’ time is also recommended. Because look, if you haven’t built before… It takes longer than you think, trust me!

source: Beacons of Change

5. Ensure your building space is the right one

So, it’s one thing to clear your space, it’s another to ensure it’s the right one! If you are just planning on building on the kitchen bench, or WORSE the carpeted living room floor, do I have a stern expression for you! If you can avoid it, building on carpet isn’t always ideal due to the potential for static electricity build up. However if it can’t be helped, ensuring you are wearing shoes can be a good middle ground. Otherwise, just don’t build directly on the floor please! A good desk or table is best, and preferably not one people are gonna sit at in an hour while eating dinner.

So, there were 5 Steps you should take before you build your PC!

If you have any tips to share with other builders feel free to post them below. If you want to check out some things I wish I knew before becoming a first-time builder, check it out here! Otherwise, go check out some of our builds and other content over on our YouTube channel!


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