Moments in games that live rent free in my mind

There are those moments in games that you never forget. The ones that stick with you and you rewatch clips of on YouTube over and over again in the hopes of reliving that same experience you had when you first played it yourself. But alas, it never quite hits the same as it did the first time. So, here are 7 of my personal favourite moments in games that live rent free in my mind.

(Also, just a little caveat there WILL be spoilers for these games in this list, so beware!)

1. Crashing the Party in Saints Row 3

This was the moment that actually inspired this entire list. Whatever you may think about Kayne West, his song Power blasting as you sky dive out of a helicopter, land in your old penthouse that’s been taken over by a rival gang and kick major butt is just a moment that lives rent free in my brain. There are honestly few games that have made me feel as much as a boss as this game did during that moment.

source: GameSpot YouTube

2. Clementine’s painful choice in The Walking Dead: Season 1

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Why did you have to get bitten! In one of the final scenes from the incredible first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, the player character Lee finds himself succumbing to the zombie bite he had received in the episode prior. This leaves Clementine (the new player character in future installments) with a dreadful choice. The 9-year-old little girl must either shoot her father figure in the head before he turns, or leave him to his demise. Either way, the choice is heartbreaking and watching Clementine and Lee just break down at the fact that they will never see each other again just tugs right at the heart strings. Not the sort of game to play without a tissue box handy, I’ll tell you that for free.

source: Joystick Chick

 3. The most epic sing along in Detroit: Become Human

The best thing about this, is that even some people who have played this game might not have seen this! In Detroit: Become Human your choices can make a big difference to how your game plays out, and in one of them, you get the most emotional sing along I’ve ever seen. Playing as one of the characters Markus, you and your fellow android resistance fighters end up in quite a sticky situation and with guns pointed at you all, Markus ends up leading the androids in a gorgeous rendition of Just a Little While Longer. Depending on how you’ve gone in other sections of the game, this results in either you all just being gunned down or… peace! That’s right, you can save the world through song, and what a gorgeous moment it is!

source: Filthy Casuals

4. Would you kindly in Bioshock

This is one of those games that I wish I could just remove my memory of and then play through for the first time again, because there is just SO many iconic reveals. The biggest reveal of course, being would you kindly. Discovering that your old buddy Atlas is actually the very unhinged villain Fontaine and has been playing you like a fiddle the entire time never doesn’t hit hard, no matter how many times you replay. And even better, upon replays you notice how often he uses the magical codeword and you realise how many times you yourself have played into his trap. Bioshock is honestly just a master of storytelling, and if you somehow still haven’t played it, this is your sign to do so… would you kindly?

source: Pinterest

5. Rise and Shine Mr Freeman from Half-Life 2

This moment comes right at the start of the game, but boy is it an amazing setup for the rest of the story. The eternal words of the mysterious G-Man are the pinnacle of iconic gaming moments. Even without having played the first game, this small intro does so much to set the tone and establish what you need to know before going into the amazing game you are going to experience. If you have somehow played Half Life 2 and haven’t found yourself quoting this on a daily basis, you’re doing it wrong.

source: Eppic SoNiickzZ YouTube

6. The Dawn will Come in Dragon Age: Inquisition

OK, is it obvious that I’m a sucker for characters singing in games? Cos I am a sucker for characters singing in games! This moment comes just after the place you had been calling home since the beginning of the game is destroyed. Seeking refuge in the snowy mountains, all hope seems lost until one person begins singing this song. It soon ends up becoming a cacophony of voices singing it together – even the characters you have come to know are singing it too and meanwhile your character looks like a deer in the headlights as they have no idea what’s happening. Regardless of your characters’ boggled expression, it’s a goose-bump creating moment and I even got goosebumps just writing about it.

source: Gaming2POW YouTube

7. Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt in Bioshock: Infinite

I couldn’t resist putting this on the list too. Bioshock just does such GREAT moments, and Infinite served us one too. Unraveling the mystery in BioShock Infinite has to be without a doubt, one of the most incredible twists in gaming history. Not only that, but you really begin to connect with these characters, so at the end as multiple versions of your daughter hold you under the water to drown you, its honestly the most bittersweet end to a game ever. If you didn’t have to have a lie down after the end of this game to process everything that just happened, I’m honestly concerned for you.

source: DePasquale DeviantArt

So, there were 7 of my personal favourite moments in games that live rent free in my mind.

What are your favourite moments in games? Comment them below! Let’s make the greatest list of favourite moments in games the internet has ever seen!

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