Games I WANT to play (but for some reason have not)

Alright I’m gonna level with you all, I am currently in a bit of a comfort game blanket. By that I mean I keep playing the same games I’ve played hours of already instead of new ones. My recent loves have been Stardew Valley and The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion. Combined I have almost 500 hours in these games already, so booting them up again feels a bit silly when there are so many other games out there I want to play. So, to kick myself in to gear, here are 5 games I WANT to play, but for some (no doubt physiological) reasons have not.

1. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

This is game I just know I will enjoy, so but truly boggles the mind that I haven’t booted it up yet. This is a highly acclaimed RPG game all about vampires, I mean what’s NOT to love. I was somewhat hoping the latest game in the series, Bloodlines 2 would come out soon and make me finally take the plunge, but delay after delay makes me lose confidence. Anyway, Vampire Simulator RPG is definitely on my list of games I NEED to finally get around to.

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2. Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster

As an avid player of games like Stardew Valley and The Sims, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster are clearly right up my alley. But despite that, I’ve never even played them. The biggest reason why is because I know myself, and I KNOW these games will overtake my life. The Planet games are basically the spiritual successor to Rollercoaster Tycoon and see you designing and managing a zoo and theme park respectively. These games honestly look like a bunch of fun and I really want to play them… eventually.

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3. House Flipper

I honestly can’t explain why I’ve never played this game. It is just the perfect game for me. The premise is simple, you play as the sole business operator of a handy dandy house fixer-upper business. You are given various homes to fix up, the homes usually in horrible states of disarray and you must fulfill the home owners request to succeed. On top of the base game, it has an array of awesome DLCs that give you even more building options! It just sounds like a lot of fun, and everything I love in other games like The Sims in one location. I really need to get this game!

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4. Dinkum

The newest game on this list, Dinkum is an Australia indie developed game. That has basically been described as Stardew Valley in Australia! I mean what more can you want! I don’t know a whole lot about this game yet as it is only a recent addition to my list, but it looks like there’s a lot of farming, designing your own farm and getting to know villagers. Sign me up… just maybe in a few months’ time. You know, after my fifth time completing the Community Centre in Stardew Valley.

source: Steam

5. The Yakuza Series

Bringing it home with an ENTIRE series! The Yakuza series has long been games that I have heard of but had nothing to do with. So, yeah, another series that sounds perfect for me that I have somehow entirely unintentionally avoided. The series incorporates elements of action adventure, open world and RPG gameplay, with many titles in the series winning numerous awards. So yeah, I should really play this series… I know!

source: GodisaGeek

So, there were 5 games I WANT to play, but for some reason have not.

What games do you want to play one day just haven’t? Share yours in the comments. Also, feel free to check out some of our other gaming blog posts here, or check out some of our other content over on our YouTube Channel.


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