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Must have Dragon Age Origin mods

Ahhh, Dragon Age: Origins. In my opinion, one of the best RPGs of all time. But of course, it did come out in 2009, so it is getting a little bit on in the years appearance wise sadly. But fear not! Because here is another awesome modlist to help bring this game into the present. Here are 11 must have Dragon Age Origin mods.

1. Improved Atmosphere

Let’s be honest here, for is great as Dragon Age: Origins is, the world does feel a little lacking. Especially when you compare it to other modern titles like The Witcher 3, or even Dragon Age: Inquisition, the most recent game in the series. This mod adds so much for the game by improving ambience and NPC behaviour. It also adds a bunch of new items, and makes the NPCs actually interact with them in a way to help add more immersion to the game. This especially helps the major city areas where there are lots of NPCs around, and makes everything feel a little bit more alive. Like it’s the world that people actually live in, and not just a place for you to run through on your quest to save the world.

2. Dragon Age Redesigned

Just like the last mod on this list, Dragon Age Redesigned is a great mod to bring Dragon Age: Origins into 2022. Dragon Age Redesigned does a WHOLE lot to the NPCs in Dragon Age: Origins, fixing their faces, proportions and overall, just makes everyone look a little bit less like potatoes. This is a super great mod if you are a bit of a lazy model like me and just like a one-size-fits-all solution for a very glaring problem. This mod just does an incredible job overhauling a super critical part of the game, and bringing these characters’ appearances and behaviours into the modern age

3. Extra Dog Slot

I mean the title of this mod already should feel you with relief. As much as I love Barkspawn, he just doesn’t quite bring as much to the party as the other characters do. Often, as soon as I collect Sten, or Leliana, Barkspawn finds himself permanently stuck at the camp. Well, don’t leave your precious boy behind ever again! This mod allows your dog to tag alongside you for most of the game without occupying one of the official companion spots. This means that banter between your party can still occur, while bringing your trusted dog companion along with the ride still!

4. Equal love

Many people that were disappointed to see that in Dragon Age: Origins some romance options are locked depending on at the player characters gender. For example if you are playing as a female Warden, sorry no Morrigan love for you! Same goes if you are a male Warden and want to romance Alistair. But with this mod, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, with all gender requirements for characters completely removed! So, if you want to canoodle with every NPC under the sun, then this is the perfect mod for you.

5. More Hairstyles

Come on, it’s one of my mod lists! Of course I’m going to have a mod like this on it! I am a bit of a character creator fiend, so of course I had to include at least one mod minimum adding something to the character creator. And the one I’ve chosen for this, is more hairstyles! While the default hairstyles in the game aren’t actually that awful, you are a bit more limited in the way you create your character and how they look. I love this mod as it adds so many more options for you to make the character that you really want and have them look exactly how you imagine in your head. For new hairstyles for your Warden this is the mod to grab!

6. No helmet hack

Now, don’t be hiding that gorgeous new hair you picked up in that last mod under an ugly helmet! Grab this mod so you don’t have to! Origins does not possess the option that the later games in series have which is to hide the helmet, so this mod comes in clutch. Now you can don your ugliest helmet with all the great benefits that it has without having to actually look at it with this mod.

7. Grey Wardens of Fereldan

A lot of things hadn’t quite been clarified about the world of Thedas as a whole in Origins, including for example what the Quanri look like. Another part of that is the uniform of the Grey Wardens. IN Dragon Age 2 we do see actually at a new model of the warden outfit and that is much cooler than the ones in Origins! So, this mod simply brings that style of attire into Dragon Age: Origins. It also updates all the appearances of any Grey Wardens wearing the uniform to the new updated Dragon Age 2 armour sets. This is just a great lore-friendly mod and if you are someone who, like me, does prefer the DA2 armour and weapons, this is definitely a must.

8. DA2 Isabella and Flemeth

Similar to the last mod, Dragon Age 2 updates the models specifically of Isabela and Flemeth. Yes. that’s right, Isabela is in Origins. But she looks so different you wouldn’t know it! This mod basically updates the older DA: Origins models to match the DA2 ones. This is a great mod if you are a bit of a law fiend, as it keeps better continuity going throughout the games.

9. Dragon Age Class and Specialization Pack

The starting classes in Dragon Age: Origins are quite limited. For example, the first time I played the game I accidentally picked the wrong class because I was confused and didn’t understand how the warrior and rogue classes worked as they are both so board. Well, grab this mod and you can specialize your class to your heart’s content. The mod adds several new classes and specializations to the game that really broadens the type of play style you want. So, if you – like me – don’t really think your playstyle fits that simply into the arbitrary 3 classes that the base game provides, then this is the mod for you.

10. Lock Bash

Is it pretty frustrating when you’re playing a warrior and you’re glaring down at that little wooden chest you can’t get into because you forgot to bring Leliana or Zevran along. I mean wouldn’t it just make sense to be able to use that giant hammer your hauling around to bash it open? Well, now you can! This mod basically allows you to bash or force open most locked chests and doors. And that’s really it! You can also sometimes have to deal with losing items though breaking them in the cross fire, so remember, with great power comes great responsibly.

11. Skip the Fade

Anyone who’s played Dragon Age: Origins before does not need an explanation for why this is on my mod list.

So, there were my must have mods for Dragon Age: Origins.

Did I miss any mods that you think I worth downloading? Tell me in the comments below. And if you can’t already tell, this isn’t my first mod list! If you want to check out some of the other ones, I’ve done such as for Morrowind, The Sims 4, or Stardew Valley, click on the links and have a read!


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