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Tips for starting a Podcast

Since we recently started our own podcast, we thought to give some advice for those who might be looking at starting one themselves!

7 AMAZING Underrated Games

Some games seem to be everywhere and played by everyone, whilst some sadly fade into the background. So, here are 7 Underrated games not to miss out on!

7 Working from Home Tips

The world is in a weird place now, with many of us working from home for the first time. So, the team got together to think of 7 working from home tips!

9 PC Games to Play In Isolation

If you’re running out of things to do stuck at home at the moment, we have the list for you! Here are 9 Games to Play in Isolation to help pass the time!

The RoundUp – March 2020

Welcome to our monthly tech/gaming news post! On this RoundUp for March we’ll update you on the games/tech industry and all our latest Thermaltake news!

How To Bend PETG Tubing

If you want to get into Custom Water cooling, it’s imperative to know how to bend PETG tubing. So, we asked our PC builder Nick for tips to teach you how!

7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)

Many think a decent game to film adaptation is impossible, but I say that’s not so! Here are 7 Games that could be great films (or TV shows!)

5 Easy Upgrades for Your PC setup

Not every upgrade to your setup needs to be over the top. Sometimes easy, simple ones work just as well! Here’s 5 easy upgrades for your PC setup.

15 Favorite Sims Packs (Happy 20 years The Sims!)

Happy 20th birthday the Sims! To celebrate, here is a list of my personal favorite packs from the latest game The Sims 4, to help you decide your next pack!

The RoundUp – February 2020

The RoundUp covers the past month in tech, gaming and Thermaltake. The February RoundUp features: LOTS of games news, and is AMD closing the gap with Intel?