5 Favourite Thermaltake Mice

A little while ago I made 2 posts listing my personal favourite Thermaltake Cases and Keyboards respectively. Now to complete the trilogy, I thought I’d list some of my personal favourite Thermaltake mice. So, if you’re on the lookout for a new mouse, this is the perfect post for you! Here are 5 of my favourite Thermaltake mice!


This is by far one of my favourite Thermaltake mice. The IRIS optical gaming mouse not only looks good, but is a great gaming mouse too. Coming with a PMW-3325 gaming grade optical sensor with up to 5,000 DPI, you will never feel like your mouse is letting you down again. It’s also an extremely comfortable mouse, with an ergonomic and lightweight design. So, no matter how long your gaming session is, the IRIS has got you covered. This is a great all-round mouse for general use or gaming, and is often a super great price too.


The Level 10M Advanced Hybrid is a really interesting mouse, and the mouse of choice of our video editor Justin. This is due to the hybrid nature of the mouse, able to function both wired or wireless, which is a super useful and unique feature of this particular mouse. On top of this there are tons of adjustment options to help customize the height and angular direction of the mouse, ensuring your hand can sit comfortably for you. Sadly, this mouse has officially been discontinued, however, you might be able to still hunt it down online in certain places.


This mouse makes it onto the list due to its simplicity. The Neros RGB Gaming mouse is a perfect all-rounder mouse. It comes with gorgeous simple lighting effects, a PMW-3050 gaming grade optical sensor, and a lightweight design. You can manually change lighting modes at the push of a button, and the mouse will function nicely on a wide variety of surfaces. This is a great mouse for someone who just wants a bit of everything, packed into a stylish, comfortable package.


As part of our Level 20 Series, this mouse is the GOODS! The Level 20 RGB mouse is Thermaltake’s highest performance mouse to date, and it looks gorgeous too! It utilizes a powerful 16,000 DPI optical sensor and durable OMRON switches, which help ensure this mouse can support endless hours of gaming. One of its biggest features for me though, is the lighting effects. With 16.8 million colour illumination, and being able to sync up with our other TT products and Razer Chroma, this mouse is a BEAST in the looks department too!


The final mouse on the list is for those of you who love on-the-fly mouse controls. The NEMESIS SWITCH Optical RGB mouse comes with an exclusive patented key switch on the left side of the mouse. This is great for me MOBA, MMO or even RTS and FPS players who want to bind extra controls to their mouse. Coming with a PWM-3360 gaming optical sensor and up to 12,000 DPI, you can be sure this mouse has your back in game. On top of this, the NEMESIS comes with some gorgeous lighting effects that can easily be customized through software. If you want a mouse that covers all bases, the NEMESIS is for you!

So, there are 5 of my favourite Thermaltake mice! Do you have a favourite Thermaltake mouse? Comment it below!


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