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The thing about getting older, is that sadly you have less time to play games. When once you could sink hours upon hours into games, now you only find a few hours a week to play. And, in those hours, the last thing you want is to get upset or frustrated. So, here are 7 Games to Zone Out with that I turn to after a long week. Hopefully, these games can help you recover from the  week that was too!

The Sims

The best thing about The Sims is that it’s a life simulator, but its not even close to real life! In real life, you have to lug your new couch all the way up the stairs to your apartment. While in The Sims it just appears in front of you! The Sims also has a plethora of fun additions that life just can’t quite achieve. Like making your sim a fairy or vampire, or own a house before you’re 90 years old. I personally find putting on some chill music and building a home I will never be able to afford to be one of the bests way to wind down after a long week. (The Sims 2 is also my personal preference, but any of the games can be great fun depending on what you’re after.)

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Apex Legends

Now, I’m going to begin this by saying I don’t mean ranked. I went through my competitive phase for online games, and I have reached a point where I just don’t care about an arbitrary number telling me how good or bad I am at something. (I am well aware how bad I am, I don’t need a badge to tell me.) Anyway, the reason I have included Apex on this list is I know a lot of people play exclusively multiplayer games, so this is one I find I can just switch off and have some fun with. For starters, it’s a battle royale so there really isn’t a ton of consequences if you suck. Just re-queue and go again! I also just find the repetitiveness of land, loot, shoot, die, to be kind of nice after a while. Like the fact you do the same thing is kind of calming? If I’m ultra in need of a zone out game this isn’t my go to, but it can be a nice fun way to chill out if I’m up to it.

Stardew Valley

If you know this game at all, you can probably tell why this is a game I turn to when I want to zone out. This game is the ultimate cozy game and the music in and off itself is really chill and relaxing. This is a farming simulator with a lot of heart. On top of farming, you can fish, explore mines or just try and get with all the townsfolk. The game just has an overall really lovely vibe to it. I have spent many a Friday night de-stressing to the enchanting sounds of this game.

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Rimworld is one of those games where you are either having a chill time, or a chaotic time. But nevertheless, it is an overall great time! Rimworld is a top-down strategy game where you control a small colony that have crash-landed on a planet. You decide everything from what the base looks like, to what your colonists eat, to whether they drink alcohol or not. The main goal of the game is to get off the planet, however the game never forces you to do anything. You can simply just create the base of your dreams if you wish, all the while dealing with hostile raids and other irritating random events like plagues, random emotional outbursts from your colonists and animals gone murderous. OK yes, from that I can understand why you’d be skeptical how this is a winding down game. But the chill vibes of crating your colony and looking after your little pawns is just incredibly fulfilling. Overall, it’s a great game to chill out and have some chaotic, relaxing fun with if you ask me.

 Dragon Age: Inquisition

Another game where you might be like, “what?” But hear me out. One of the most disliked part about Dragon Age: Inquisition was the grinding. In order to progress, sometimes you’d just have to grind out area after area, which can get a bit tedious. However, sometimes the tedious repetition of that can be quite relaxing after a busy week. I usually just pop on some chill music, turn the actual game sound right down and just chill out to some great music. You can just switch off and mindlessly grind away, getting some stuff done all the while relaxing from the week that was.

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Do I really have to explain this? Minecraft is the ultimate zone out game – I mean you can even have it on peaceful mode, so you don’t even have to deal with bad guys! You can build, craft and explore to your hearts content. The amount of incredible things people have created in this game is honestly amazing, and if you’ve somehow never tried Minecraft, this is your sign to do so. This is the perfect game to play some music or put a video up on the other monitor, and just mine and craft away for hours.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

OK shh I know this isn’t a PC game, but I had to include this game for a number of reasons. First, it basically saved everyone’s sanity last year during the peak of the lock down. The game came out in March 2020, and quickly became the must have game for the Switch. And since I finally nabbed a Switch this year, I safely say I understand the obsession now. The game is the most wholesome, chill game I’ve played in years, and the soundtrack alone is enough to ease your woes. After a week of busy work or study, sitting down to some chill gardening, or crafting (all the while Tom Nook breathes down your neck about your debt) is just the perfect zone out game. If you have a Switch and are yet to pick this up, it is a MUST if you need a game to just relax while playing.

source: Nestia

So, those were 7 Games to Zone Out with!

Hopefully, some of these can help you escape from the stressful times that is our present day! If you have any other suggestions of games to zone out with, pop them below.

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