My Favourite Games I Bought In 2021 …. That I Haven’t Played Yet

So, I regret to inform you all that I have a disease. It’s called “Buyagamebutneverplayit-itis”, and I don’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Basically, I buy a game at a really good price, and then it sits there in my backlog as the world rapidly changes around it. So, instead of recounting my favourite games that I played this year for you all today, (that’s for another blog!), I’m instead going to recap my favourite Games I Bought In 2021 but haven’t played yet. Meaning yes, it’s a decision that’s based purely on hype, mystique, and the aesthetic appeal of the game case. And no, I can’t tell you why I’m doing this, because I don’t know either.

Disaster Report 4

The Disaster Report series is best described as the highest quality hot dog you could eat. For as tasty and succulent as that boy is, at the end of the day, it’s still a hot dog.

It’s barely remained in the public consciousness since the PS2 days, but I have fond memories for this natural disaster survival series.

To me, DR has always existed as the perfect mid-market game. What all the games have in common, is that they have some of the most mediocre graphics, sound design, and stories you’ve ever seen. But there’s just something uniquely fascinating about them and their portrayal of humanity that I can’t walk away from. And upon hearing that Disaster Report 4 continues the series’ trend of being incredibly earnest jank, I cannot wait to experience it myself.

source: Euogamer

‘Final Fantasy VI Restored’

Okay so this one has me very excited to eventually get around to playing. Alas it is an RPG, so the thought of starting it has me petrified, and the procrastination ghost that watches over me is surely rubbing his hands together.

For a little background, Final Fantasy VI, released as Final Fantasy III in the west (don’t ask questions) was released on the Super Nintendo way back in 1994.

FFVI was considered ground-breaking for the time as it’s orchestral score and gorgeous pixel sprite art squeezed every ounce of power out of the 16bit hardware. It eventually received a port to the Game Boy Advance under its original name, however for as convenient as it was to now have this enormous adventure on a bit sized console, the GBA just couldn’t produce the same results. Muddying both the graphics and music.

So, imagine my excitement when I found a dedicated fan was producing reproduction cartridges that restores the original SNES graphics and music for the GBA! Madness. The cartridge is also a sleek semi-transparent red, so if I’m never going to play this, at least I can stare at it with admiration form across the room.

source: Nintendo World Report

Persona Q2 Labyrinth

For whatever reason, my procrastination is seemingly worse with handheld games. I’ve drifted away from them as I’ve gotten older, despite being a religious Nintendo GBA & DS child. So as excited as I am to add something new to my pocket-sized collection, I struggle to sit down with them because it’s just not something I do too often anymore.

Alas if anything were to draw me back in, it would be Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth… I’m just not sure when I’ll make the time.

While I’m not the biggest dungeon crawling fan, literally every other ingredient for a Michael game is there! A banging soundtrack, a fun cast of characters, so why can’t I commit! I’ll have to take it up with ol’ procrastination ghost.

This might also be a subconscious case of hesitantsequel-itis as I adore Persona 3 and 4 so much, that I’m worried this spin off game won’t be as good, or even taint the original experiences I had with them!  At this point I’m just making excuses, aren’t I?

source: GameExplain YouTUbe

 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

So, this seems like an instant pop of the disc into the console upon getting it in the mail, right? A game of death visual novel? With twists and turns that rip your heart out? This game was made for me.


This is also a visual novel that I purchased for PS4, and thus I must play it on my TV. For whatever reason, that idea terrifies me, despite how everyone says how good these games are. I just don’t want to be sitting on my couch, reading, hitting ‘X’ for 60 hours. I perhaps should’ve waited to pull the trigger and get this on PC where I’d feel a bit more comfortable sitting and reading, but the deal was just too good!

Plus, owning things physically is fun too.

source: steam

The Last of Us Part II

I love when the discourse surrounding a game is split. It’s so much more interesting than just unanimous praise, hatred or even worse, mass apathy. Regardless of what you think, this mass discussion means the game made everyone feel something.

So, while I’m sad I missed out on the initial discourse, I’m sure I’ll have a great time with it when I eventually get around to playing it! The reason why I haven’t played it yet, is because I haven’t played the first yet! The original PS3 version is just sitting there, collecting dust.

And the thought of having to find the time to play that, so I can now play this, has me completely overwhelmed! It’s clear I have my work cut out for me come Christmas holidays.

source: EssentiallySports

So, what did you think of the Games I Bought In 2021?

Is your games backlog as insultingly long as the Games I Bought In 2021? Be sure to let me know down in the comment section below! And before you click away, why not check out our other great gaming related posts HERE. Or head on over to our YOUTUBE channel to see even more great content from us!


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