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A few years back I wrote a blog post listing some games worth booting up again if you had given up. Recently, I have discovered a few more late bloomers. So, I thought it was worth returning to this idea for a second time. So, here are 5 games to go back to for a round two!

1. Mass Effect: Andromeda

The game that inspired this whole list! After finishing the original Mass Effect trilogy for the first time and loving it, I was uncertain about whether to boot up Bioware’s 2016 attempt to recapture the success of the first three games. When this game first released it was a buggy, broken mess. Animations were dismal, entire areas wouldn’t render properly – basically, it was borderline unplayable. So, all these years later, is there any point in trying it again? Well, I would actually say yes. Sure, it’s just a mindless rehash of the first game. It hits all the same beats and arguably doesn’t do it as well. But that being said, there are some hidden gems in this game.

Each planet feels unique and unlike the original trilogy, there isn’t this feeling of impending doom looking over your shoulder. So, exploring these planets for far longer than seems entirely appropriate with Reapers at your door, is somewhat more OK here. The characters are also quite good, with the squad of the Tempest actually really growing on me. Kallo, Vetra and Jaal in particular are great and worth getting to know, as well as the illusive Reyes, who isn’t a squad mate, but is as well fleshed out as one. If you love Mass Effect and have played the first 3 games so often you can quote it word for word, perhaps its worth trying Andromeda again just for something different. (Even if it does do basically the same thing.)

source: US Gamer

2. Apex: Legends

Not that this game really needs a shout out from me, but I know a lot of people stopped playing this early on. (Including myself!) I first played this game before seasons even existed, with the roster being only the first 8 legends. But I was still very anti-Battle Royale at the time and left it quickly. But, after I finally reached my last legs with Overwatch (my main multiplayer title at the game), I came back to see if it grabbed me this time. And many games later (and dollars too, curse you nice Loba skins) I’m entirely in love with this game, its world and its characters.

While games like Fortnite and Warzone took centre stage for so long, Apex: Legends just pottered away in the corner doing its own thing. And now, it has finally found its place within the battle royale genre. So, if you are looking for a new game to grind and spend your hard earned dollarydoos on, then this just might be worth giving a second go.

source: EGM

3. Rimworld

I recommend this game with a word of caution as this game will consume your life. Rimworld is honestly one of the best colony simulators around, but it does have quite a barrier for entry. The first few times you play this game you will want to give up. It absolutely does not hold your hand, and you will no doubt end up Googling a lot of what to do. But that’s all part of the fun! If you rage quit after your first colony burnt down in a fire, killing all of your colonists, then this is my intervention. Go back, load in and try again. And even if you are a little bit interested, now is the time to get this game! It was recently taken down from Steam due to some conflict over its rating, so get it now before it gets inevitably removed again for something stupid.


4. Cyberpunk 2077

This game’s dismal release entirely reminds me of Mass Effect: Andromeda. A game hyped up beyond belief and released far earlier than it should have been. But to CD Projekt’s credit, they have done a lot of work to remedy the faults of the game. A lot of the initial problems that plagued its release like dodgy graphics, broken animations and entirely busted quests have been patched out. This means you can enjoy the game and be entirely immersed, instead of being pulled out of the world every five seconds. The game looks great now, plays great now, and is actually worth your time and money now. Additionally, it’s finally been fixed on consoles, so if you are a console king, then its finally worth picking up.

source: Twinfinite

5. Prey

This was a game that flew entirely under the radar for most people back in 2017, and it’s truly a shame. Not to be confused with Prey the game made by Human Head, but this Prey is a re-imagining of the game though, with similar themes and elements but not the core plot. This time you are a human in space, and there are some creepy, gloopy aliens trying to kill everyone – just an average day really. This is a really unique concept, featuring some gorgeous set pieces and great game play. The mimic ability is also really cool. I mean, who doesn’t want to transform into a coffee cup? I know I do. If you love games like Bioshock, this game is honestly a no-brainer to boot up and try again. It also even has expansions and a multiplayer mode, so there is a lot here to enjoy!

source: IMDb

So, there were 5 games to go back to.

Have you tried any of these games before? Do you reckon they are worth returning to? Tell us below. While you’re still here, why not jump over to our YouTube channel for more awesome content from us!


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