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The rise of Cozy Games over the last five or so years has been an awesome change up from the same old shooters we see year after year. If you don’t know what a Cozy Game is, it’s effectively a game thats core mechanic is not combat. It may feature some combat, but it’s basically not what drives the story. So, if you want to step back from the battle royales for a moment and cleanse your gaming brain, this is the perfect list for you. Here are 7 Cozy Games worth checking out.

1. Stardew Valley

The ultimate Cozy game if you ask me. Stardew Valley is so much more than a farming simulator – and trust me, I know, I have almost 300 hours in it. The premise is that you leave your city life behind to take over your grandfather’s farm after he passes away. So, yes there is farming, but it is most certainly only a fraction of the gameplay. You can get to know your neighbours and form relationships with them, explore the dangerous mines or become a fishing god! This is a game that you can lose yourself in for hours and hours and the experiences you have in it really stick with you afterwards. Do yourself a favour, and please give this game a try.

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has dominated the cozy game genre for a very long time and for a good reason. This is a game that nails the escapism factor, and the newest in the series does this tenfold. New Horizons sees you moving to a brand-new island and slowly building it up from scratch. In addition to the standard fishing and bug catching, you can travel to other islands to harvest materials and meet new potential villagers. The style and vibes of this game are just perfect for a cozy night in with a blanket around your shoulders and a cat on your lap. And if that doesn’t sound like heaven to you, you are just so, so, so wrong.

source: Nestia

3. Dinkum

Had to include this game on the list as it’s the first cozy game as far as I’m aware that is set in Australia! Dinkum is basically if Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing had a baby, set in the Australian outback. All the regular players are here, fishing, farming, crafting and getting to know your neighbours. There are also a few new mechanics too like hunting animals for food and predators that will actively try and attack you. As an Aussie, it’s rare we see our backyard reflected in games and I just can’t not get behind this fantastic new addition to the cozy game genre!

source: Steam

4. My Time at Portia

If your favourite part of games like Animal Crossing are the crafting and building elements, then this is the game for you. My Time at Portia takes place years and years after society has gone down the toilet, and now it’s up to you to rebuild everything from scratch. On top of copious amounts of crafting, there are also elements of farming, combat, mining and forming relationships in a tight knit community. If you are looking for a cozy game with a little but more action, then My Time at Portia is the one to try.

source: PC Gamer

5. Abzu

If the dry land is not your thing, then allow me to introduce you to Abzu. This is an incredibly breathtaking game, taking place almost entirely underwater. You play as a diver exploring the depths of the ocean, discovering all sorts of unique aquatic species and ecosystems. It is relatively short though, so it’s more of an experience than a long haul grind like the previous games on the list, so keep that in mind when jumping into this one. Regardless though, it’s an experience not to miss and well worth diving into.

source: Steam

6. Firewatch

I went into this game just wanting a simple sit-down experience, but when I finished it, I had to lay down! Firewatch is an incredible experience because it does such a great job making you feel so watched, but also so alone all at once. Set in the Wyoming wilderness, you play as a person stationed at a fire watch tower, where your only real point of contact I your supervisor Delilah, who is only a voice over a radio. Eventually you are sucked into a complicated mystery, as you unravel the history of the campsite you are stationed at. Definitely recommend this one, but just not without a box of tissues and a comfy couch to collapse onto after its finished.

source: YouTube

7. Unpacking

To round out my list, I’ve gone with another relatively short single player experience. Unpacking is a simple enough puzzle game that sees you unpacking the possessions of a person throughout the years of their life. There is no dialogue, no character models, just you and a bunch of boxes. But somehow this game does the impossible with just that, and tells and incredibly compelling story. This is a great title to play while just popping on some chill music during a rainy night outside, as you slowly discover the story of the person whose boxes you are unpacking. Well worth picking up, even for just the therapeutic repetition of the unboxing mechanic.

source: Steam

So, there were 7 Cozy Games worth checking out!

Are there any 10/10 cozy games I missed out? Feel free to comment them below! Also, feel free to check out some of our other gaming blog posts here, or check out some of our other content over on our YouTube Channel.


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