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The TAG Mods Episode – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP: 28]

In this special episode of Thermal Talk, Sarah and Jono are joined by a special guest, Ethan from TAG Mods to talk about everything PC modding related!

5 Easy Ways to Clean your PC

When was the last time you cleaned your PC? Here are 5 Easy Ways to Clean your PC, to ensure it lives a long, healthy life.

Thermaltake RAM Breakdown

It can be tough to pick out your RAM. But, never fear! This post will break down our current line up of RAM, to help pick the right memory for you!

5 tips for YouTube that nobody tells you

Diving into the world of creating content on YouTube can be tough. So, here are 5 tips for YouTube that nobody tells you, to help start you on your journey.

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All the Spooks – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP: 27]

Join Sarah, Justin, Nick, and Gillian to talk about: streamers paying a license to stream, discuss spooky horror games, and platform mode exclusivity.

The RoundUp – October 2020

Welcome to our monthly tech/gaming news post! On the RoundUp for October 2020 we’ll update you on the games/tech industry and our latest Thermaltake news!

Polybius: The Haunted Arcade Game

This year’s spooky game is an arcade game from the 80’s that caused hallucinations, night terrors and even amnesia! This is Polybius: The Haunted Arcade Game.

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Bring Back Clippy! – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP: 26]

Join Sarah, Jono, Justin, and Nick to talk about: CD Projekt Red going into ‘crunch’ mode, play a round of Quick Fire Questions, and discuss AMD’s latest product reveals.

7 MORE Spooky Games

It’s spooky season again! Here is another list of some of my personal favourite horror games to play this halloween. Remember to check out last years’ post too!

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Does it Spark Joy? – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP: 25]

Join Sarah, Gillian, Jono, and Alex to talk about: Microsoft buying Bethesda, the new NVIDIA cards pt 2, and discuss Amazon’s new game streaming platform.

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