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Who won the game awards? – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP:05]

In this episode of the Thermal talk podcast, Sarah is joined by Jono and Alex to discuss the 2019 Game Awards, PC Tech Predictions for 2020 and Puma’s new gamer socks?!?

The RoundUp – December 2019

The RoundUp summarizes the past month in tech, gaming and Thermaltake. This RoundUp for December 2019 features: a Game Awards wrap up, VR hardware updates and GAMER SOCKS!?

Games to Upgrade For 2020

Games to Upgrade For – 2020 Edition

There are several amazing games coming out this year, so I figured I’d get in early and tell you the best games to upgrade for this year!

Favourite PC games of 2019

2019 was a big year for games! Now that we’re into 2020, I figured it was time to look back at the previous year and list my Favourite PC Games of 2019!

5 Favourite Festive Games

This holiday season, we thought we’d talk about our favourite festive games! Ours are all Christmas themed, but all holidays are welcome, so share your own!

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“The Cow Matrix” – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP:04]

In this episode Sarah is joined by Taylor and Gillian to discuss lootboxes, our first viewer submitted topic, and whether Leonardo DiCaprio could 1v1 a cow.

LCGS: Meet our Systems!

Our awesome Thermaltake LCGS range released back in October, so here is a breakdown of all our current systems to help you choose which one is best for you!

VR: Is it just a trend, or the future?

VR is a very hot topic, with many wondering if it is the future for gaming. This post explores the pros and cons of this divisive technology.

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“Is VR the Future of Gaming?” – The Thermal Talk Podcast [EP:03]

In this episode, Sarah is joined by Justin and Nick to discuss Nick’s first time with PC’s, as well as the potential death of the HDD. They also discuss the new Half-Life: Alyx, and whether this game will cement VR as future of gaming.

7 Cool PC Accessories under $100!

Have you ever felt like your PC is missing something, but don’t know what? We’ve compiled a list of 7 Cool PC Accessories you never even knew you needed!

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