5 Favourite Thermaltake Power Supplies

So far we have listed some great Thermaltake cases, mice, keyboards and even RAM. But what about powering all that stuff? That’s why today we’re listing POWER SUPPLIES! Yes, I know Power supplies can seem pretty boring, but they are a core part of your system. So, if you’re in the market for a new PSU, this is the place to be! Here is a breakdown of 5 of my personal favourite Thermaltake Power Supplies, all in varying levels of modular-ness and rgb-ness.

Smart BM2

This power supply is the whole reason I came up with the idea to do this. As our newest PSU, this semi-modular Power supply honestly looks the goods! With a range from 450W up to 750W, there is a good variety of options available. On top of that, for a bronze power supply, this PSU is stunning! The PSU also comes with an ultra-quiet 140mm Hydraulic Bearing Fan, High Amperage Single +12V Rail, and comes 80 Plus Bronze certificated. This all ensures a reliable, stable supply of power. If you have some solid middle of the road hardware, and don’t need all the extra bells and whistles, this is a great power supply option.

Toughpower GF1

This is my personal Thermaltake Power supply of choice. The GF1 is one of our most popular PSU’s and for a good reason! This Gold certified Power Supply is fully modular, so there is no grotesque, unnecessary jumbled mess of cables hanging out the back. It comes in 650W, 750W and 850W options. Additionally, it is also a non-rgb power supply, for those of us who prefer a more sleek and muted look. This PSU also comes with an ultra-quiet 140mm Hydraulic bearing fan, as well as our Smart Zero Fan function which also helps reduce noise. Finally, it also comes with premium Japanese Capacitors and a High Amperage Single +12v Rail. The GF1 is an amazing Power Supply, does everything you need and more, and looks good doing it.

Toughpower iRGB Plus

OK all you RGB fans, this one is for you! The Toughpower iRGB Plus covers the higher end of this list, ranging from 850W up to 1000W. This Gold standard power supply comes with a Riing Duo 14 RGB fan, with 18 addressable LEDs providing some gorgeous illumination options. This PSU also comes with our Thermaltake Smart Power Management system, which is a cloud base software that can also be accessed through your phone. This system gives you access to things like real-time stats, and even a warning alert if your PSU is failing. This truly is a smart Power supply! Of course, it also comes with high quality Japanese Capacitors and a High Amperage Single +12V rail. All this ensures stability and reliability, as well as keeping noise levels nice and low. If you want a gorgeous, high quality RGB power supply with all the bells and whistles attached, THIS is the PSU for you!

Smart BX1 RGB

Now it’s time for a cheaper alternative for your RGB. The Smart BX1 comes in 550W, 650W and 750W options, and is a bronze level power supply. It comes with a preinstalled fan featuring 10 LEDs, which can cycle between 7 different colours at the push of a button. The fan is an Ultra Quiet 120mm Hydraulic bearing fan. Once again, this PSU utilizes a High Quality Japanese capacitor and a high amperage single +12V Rail. This non-modular power supply is a great option for someone who wants to save a bit of cash, but still get some simple, yet effective RGB in your build!

Toughpower PF1

Rounding it all out with one of our other newest power supplies, the Toughpower PF1. This is the highest rated Power Supply on the list, being a Platinum rated. The PF1 is a stunning fully modular power supply, with not a flash of RGB in sight! It’s also a tad smaller than standard power supplies, so it will fit nice and snug in even tighter cases. The PF1 is designed with new board technology. This allows all SMDs to sit on the top side of the PCB, helping prevent heat acclamation at the bottom and aiding in airflow. This PSU also comes with an Ultra Quiet 120mm Hydraulic bearing fan, our smart zero fan option, Premium Japanese Capacitors and a High Amperage Single +12v Rail. As the Platinum PSU on this list, that means it is considered to be the most energy efficient, hence its price. This is a great PSU for a more high-end build or for someone who wants the best of the best, without having any RGB.

So, there was a quick breakdown of 5 of my personal favourite Thermaltake Power Supplies!

Hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea which of our awesome Thermaltake Power Supplies to run with for your next build!


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